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On June 30, 2018, EPA plans to launch the Federal e-Manifest Tracking System. Regardless of whether forms are electronic or paper, all manifests will be loaded into the Federal tracking system. Facilities that receive any shipments under a hazardous waste manifest will be required to submit each manifest to the tracking system. EPA will charge a fee to the receiving facility for each manifest submitted to the system, which may result in the cost of the fees being passed on to the receiving facilities customers.

Access to information from EPA’s e-manifest website can be found here along with information on how to sign up for e-mail updates and monthly webinars by EPA. A direct link to EPA’s factsheets for different types of users is also available.

You can also sign up for a user account on the RCRAInfo Industry Application to get ready to use the e-manifest system. Request access to the LearningZen portal to watch an instructional video on signing up for a RCRAInfo Industry Application user account. After you get access and log in to LearningZen, go to course catalog > all courses > industry user registration.

Note: South Carolina does not require copies of manifests to be submitted to it regardless of whether the waste originates or is disposed of in the state.