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Hurricane Irma Information for Private/Residential Well Owners

Before The Storm:

Owners of private drinking water wells should seal their well by plugging or covering all openings before the storm to help prevent the well from becoming contaminated by flood waters.

After The Storm:

Wells should be inspected after the storm for damage. Any plug or covering on the casing vent should be removed.

If your well has been flooded, the well needs to be disinfected and tested before the water can be used safely. We recommend that you use bottled water or boil your water until you receive the results indicating it is safe to drink your water again. Disinfection should not be attempted until after the storm passes and the flood waters recede.

You must wait 7-10 days after you disinfect the well before you collect a sample.

Disinfection instructions can be found on our website at Use only regular chlorine bleach for disinfection. Do not use splashless, scented, or concentrated bleach.

Contact your local Environmental Affairs Office for more information on sample bottle pickup locations. You must collect the sample 7 to 10 days after disinfection (no sooner). If you have questions regarding your private/residential well, call 1-888-761-5989.

If your well was not flooded, the water quality will be the same as before the flood. It is recommended that all private wells be sampled for coliform bacteria on a routine basis. For more information, please visit:

Residential Wells