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Changes: Name, Address, Drug Schedules

Change of Address

If you are planning to move to a new location, you must request a change of address in writing from DHEC and DEA prior to your relocation date.

Name Change

You must submit a request to change your name in writing to DHEC Bureau of Drug Control. You must also send a copy of the marriage license, divorce decree or court document that supports the change. Fax your request to (803) 896-0627.

Drug Schedule Changes

Use DHEC's Drug Schedule Change Form (DHEC 1025) (pdf).

Physician Assistants - Physician Assistants requesting to add Schedule II and IIN to an existing registration must complete all requirements of the SC Medical Board regarding "Expanded Authorization to Prescribe Schedule II-V Controlled Substances" before submitting the above Drug Schedule Change Form. A copy of the letter from the SC Medical Board regarding "completion" of all requirements for Expanded Authorization for Prescribing Controlled Substances must be submitted with the Drug Schedule Change Form (DHEC 1025) in order for the request to be processed. After the SC Controlled Substances Registration has been amended, the PA will need to submit a request to amend your Federal DEA Registration via their website at For questions pertaining to your SC Physician Assistant License call 803-896-4500.