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City of Denmark Public Water System

The City of Denmark Public Water System is a small rural water system served by four active groundwater wells, and it operates and maintains two elevated storage tanks. The system serves a population of approximately 4,900 customers (which includes residents, students attending two local colleges, and commercial and industrial properties). The wells pull groundwater from an aquifer approximately 300 feet deep. The water is treated with chlorine to kill bacteria.

DHEC conducts annual inspections and oversees routine compliance sampling of the water system in the City of Denmark. At various times during the year, DHEC conducts water sampling at the pump station after treatment and along the distribution line. We also oversee the in-home testing required by the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Lead and Copper Rule.

The City of Denmark's drinking water currently meets the requirements of all EPA health-based standards.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) administers and enforces drinking water quality standards and regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State Legislature.

DHEC promotes voluntary compliance with state and federal drinking water standards and also helps water systems achieve the best possible water quality levels by providing technical assistance and education. The agency emphasizes prevention of contamination through source water protection.

Concerns About Water Discoloration

DHEC continues to receive concerns and complaints of water discoloration, which may also cause staining of fixtures and laundry. These issues are created by the levels of iron and manganese found in the water. Iron and Manganese are naturally-occurring metals and the EPA does not set limits on their presence in drinking water. However, DHEC has worked with the City of Denmark for several years to provide technical assistance and recommendations as the city continues its efforts to address concerns about discolored water.

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Any citizen who would like to share concerns about water quality and/or request sampling in his/her home is asked to contact our DHEC Regional Office in Orangeburg.

DHEC Orangeburg Regional Office
1550 Carolina Ave.
Orangeburg, SC 29116
(803) 533-5490

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