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Complying with Drinking Water Laws

The Drinking Water and Recreational Waters Compliance Section performs sanitary surveys and provides technical assistance to drinking water facilities throughout the State.� The Section's goal is to help systems remain in compliance with the State Primary Drinking Water Regulations.� This is accomplished by providing regulation information, educating systems on new and upcoming regulations, and offering on-site technical assistance.

Laws and Regulations

Sanitary Surveys

A main tool of the Drinking Water Protection Division is the sanitary survey.� Sanitary surveys are performed on all public water systems every one to five years depending on�system classification.�Based on survey results, the system is rated Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, or Unsatisfactory.��

Surface Water Sanitary Survey Form�(PDF-88KB)

Ground Water Sanitary Survey Form�(PDF-87KB)

Ground Water Sanitary Survey Manual�(PDF-187KB)


Ground Water DBP Monitoring Plan�(Word-46KB)

Surface Water Monthly Operating Report�(PDF-535KB)

Desktop Evaluation Short Form for Small and Medium Public Water Systems, Optimum Corrosion Control Treatment (OCCT) Recommendation

Controlled Fluoridation Monthly Report�

If you would like any of these forms in Word format or Excel format please contact�Richard Welch.

Guidance Documents

Operator Certification Requirements�

Boil Water Notice and Advisory�(PDF-42KB)

Filter Assessment Manual�(PDF-1.1MB)

Guidelines for High Rate Filtration Study�(PDF-22KB)

Inspection and Cleaning of Storage Tanks�(PDF-8KB)