Long-Term Care Facilities Visitation (COVID-19)

On November 13, 2020, DHEC published a visitation allowance memo reminding nursing homes and community residential care facilities that in-person visitation cannot be restricted unless a reasonable clinical or safety cause is present. DHEC also issued a clarification document on required in-person visitation to serve as a comprehensive tool for facilities to use in order to better understand visitation guidelines.

On October 9, 2020, DHEC provided new guidelines for outdoor and indoor visitation at nursing homes and community residential care facilities, commonly referred to as assisted living facilities. In light of the updated guidelines, DHEC is no longer requesting or reviewing visitation plans and expects facilities to now follow the outdoor and indoor visitation guidelines.

On October 7, 2020, DHEC issued a public health order requiring that all nursing homes and community residential care facilities licensed by DHEC submit a weekly report about visitation. 

Public Health Order highlights:

  • Applies to all nursing homes and community residential care facilities licensed by DHEC.
  • Facilities must state whether they are allowing visitation, and if not, providing the reason(s) for not allowing visitation. 
  • Facilities must also report the number of residents that participated in a visit in the previous seven (7) days.
  • Each licensed facility must submit a separate report to DHEC.
  • Facilities must complete their weekly report no later than 5 p.m. each Monday by completing and submitting the visitation form below. 

Should any nursing home or community residential care facility face human resource or information technology challenges in completing any requirement of this order, the facility should notify DHEC immediately by contacting ACC-HealthReg@dhec.sc.gov.


Visitation Form Questions

We encourage you to review the questions about visitation that you will be asked before you begin completing the visitation form below.

Visitation Form


The latest weekly visitation report can be found on the Nursing Homes & Extended Care Facilities Impacted by COVID-19 page.


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