Nursing Homes & Extended Care Facilities Impacted by COVID-19

Cases & Deaths in Extended Care Facilities

DHEC prioritizes the identification of COVID-19 infections in nursing homes and assisted living facilities because the spread of respiratory illnesses like COVID-19 is common in these types of facilities, and the residents who live there are at high risk for developing complications or death from COVID-19 infection.

To better inform the public about the scope of COVID-19 within these types of facilities, DHEC is providing a twice weekly update on the facilities in the state that have a confirmed case or death from COVID-19. The dashboard below includes two lists: a cumulative list and a last 30 days list which is a more accurate reflection of the current COVID-19 burden in these types of facilities.

DHEC is continuing its partnership with nursing home facilities across the state to help them implement infection control practices that protect their residents and those who care for them during this pandemic.

Nursing Home & Assisted Living Facility Visitation

On October 7, DHEC issued a public health order requiring that all nursing homes and community residential care facilities licensed by DHEC submit a weekly report about visitation. Learn more about this report here.

On October 9, DHEC provided new guidelines for outdoor and indoor visitation at nursing homes and community residential care facilities, commonly referred to as assisted living facilities.


  • The facilities listed as allowing visitation will fluctuate as DHEC receives new reports and as situations within the facilities change.
  • Family members trying to visit a nursing home or community residential care facility resident are strongly encouraged to contact the individual facility to confirm their visitation policy and schedule a time to visit.
  • This list is updated weekly on Tuesdays.




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