Understanding the Vaccination Dashboard

Understanding the Change in Data

As we transition to the newly developed South Carolina vaccine dashboard, some numbers will not match up to the current counts on the DHEC Vaccine Allocation webpage. The reasons for this are outlined below:

  1. Data on the “Total Doses Given in South Carolina” webpage was previously updated manually after pulling from the federal VAMS database and sources other than the Statewide Immunization Online Network (SIMON). At this point, SIMON is, and will be, the database of record for person level allocations of doses, and therefore where we will continue to source the data for the dashboard.
  2. The SIMON data extracts that we provide goes through a consistent daily cleaning process that is not in place for the data on the “Total Doses Given in South Carolina” webpage. While this will present a discrepancy in numbers up front, the cleaned number will continue to be more accurate and would be able to be cleaned under the same conditions daily. This is especially important when reporting out things that will be monitored on a continual basis, such as demographics.
  3. The data displayed on our dashboard has a set tempo where it is updated only one time per day every morning and includes the date up to 11:59 PM the previous day. The current data on the “Total Doses Given in South Carolina” webpage does not have one set time cut off and gets updated throughout the day.

Notes About the Data Displayed on the Dashboard

The dashboard displays the demographic and geographic distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine among South Carolina residents, regardless of whether they received the vaccine within the state of South Carolina. This allows to best understand the percent of the population that has been vaccinated and promotes the tracking of equitable distribution of the vaccine as roll-out expands to the general population over time.

Age, sex, race, ethnicity, county & zip code is based on vaccine recipient's residence at the time of the first vaccine dose received in South Carolina.

“Count of Vaccinated Residents" used to calculate “Vaccine Recipient Rate” is defined as any individual who received 1 or 2 doses within the state of South Carolina.

"Total Vaccine Doses by County of Administration" map and table indicates where each vaccine is administered, not where the vaccine recipient lives.

All data are provisional and subject to change.


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