Haile Gold Mine (HGM) - Overview

Located in southern Lancaster County, South Carolina, the Haile Gold Mine was one of the first operating gold mines in the United States. The mine was discovered in 1827 by Benjamin Haile, long before the gold rush of California, and has been operated on and off for nearly 200 years.

Today, the Haile Gold Mine is owned by Romarco Minerals Inc., an exploration and development company focused on becoming a producer of precious metals in the United States, and is confirmed to contain 2 million ounces of gold reserves(1).

The Haile Gold Mine is located at:
7283 Haile Gold Mine Road, Kershaw, SC 29067

Romarco's U.S. headquarters is located at:
481 Munn Road, Suite 250, Kingsley Park Five, Fort Mill, SC 29715

Romarco, like most exploration companies, is registered in Canada.  Toronto is the center of the mining industry worldwide and Canadian companies can participate in the Country's stock exchange which is geared for exploration companies.

Romarco's CEO and most of its leadership team are United States citizens who reside in South Carolina.  The project is led by professionals who have a combined 300 years of experience working on more than 80 other mines in various parts of the world. Click here for a message from Romarco's CEO answering the question, "Will the mine be safe?"

Utilizing what company executives deem "the most advanced technology and mining techniques," they will invest over $300 million to build the mine. An economic impact statement (try to link to the statement) conducted by independent economists with the University of South Carolina/Moore School of Business, forecasts the mine will generate roughly $70 million annually in direct and indirect revenue in local counties.

The Haile team has spent more than $4 million on environmental studies and has already employed environmental policies and practices that they say "go beyond regulatory requirements - and the standards of most mining companies - to preserve and restore wetlands damaged by previous mining operations."

Haile and Romarco have already actively invested in South Carolina communities and has held an annual Gold Rush Festival in Kershaw. Click here to see some of the photos.

By the time the mine pours the first ounce of gold, Romarco will have invested $620 million in the mine site.
(1) Note: as per NI 43/101 Technical Report February 22, 2011