Coastal Permitting - Introduction

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In 1977, the South Carolina Coastal Tidelands and Wetlands Act was passed by the S.C. General Assembly. This statute charges DHEC with the responsibility to protect the quality of the coastal environment and to promote the economic andsocial improvement of the coastal zone. DHEC must balance the public's desire to utilize South Carolina's natural resources while protecting environmental quality. Through integrated regulatory and compliance programs, DHEC works to ensure that environmental impacts are limited within the scope of regulations and enforceable policies .

Public Notice Submittals - Deadlines, Rules

The following public notice submittal deadlines apply to all State and Federal permits and applications for funding assistance requiring a coastal zone consistency determination except for joint permit applications from both DHEC and the Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE). Joint permit applications requiring a Critical Area permit and a ACOE permit will be processed as a joint public notice. The joint public notice will be coordinated to run with the ACOE's public notice if the application is administratively complete. DHEC must receive submittals for weekly public notice associated with a coastal zone consistency determination and Critical Area permits by Monday close of business. The submittal must be deemed complete for notice by staff to be considered for public notice the following Friday. Submittals received after Monday close of business are subject to being placed on public notice the following week even if the submittal is deemed complete by staff. If the permit application or funding assistance application is not complete, staff will notify the applicant of the deficiencies within 10 working days from the DHEC receipt date.