Hurricane Dorian Recovery & Requirements

Emergency Orders for Sandbags, Sand Scraping & Minor Renourishment

DHEC has issued blanket emergency orders to local governments to allow property owners along the immediate beachfront to conduct minor renourishment, sand scraping or install sandbags to provide temporary protection to beachfront structures from wave uprush. The accomplishment of any work under, 19-EO-HD1 for Sand Bags, 19-EO-HD2 for Sand Scraping, and 19-EO-HD3 for Minor Renourishment, issued in response to and preparation for Hurricane Dorian is limited to only those structures that would be deemed in an imminent danger from erosion. Per Critical Area Permitting Regulations R.30-15(H), imminent danger is described as when the erosion is within 20' of a structure. These orders are effective 30 days from the date of signature on September 1, 2019. If after that time, a structure is still considered in imminent danger, property owners may request an individual emergency order from the department to extend the time for protection.

DHEC has also issued an emergency order for marine debris removal, 19-EO-HD4, to allow the general public to remove boats and debris from the critical area(s) of the state using all best practices and measures. The public should report waterway debris, including vessels and structures to their local emergency management officials at the county or municipal level. Lastly, DHEC has issued an EO for returning sand to the beach, 19-EO-HD5.

County-Wide Emergency Orders:

Emergency Order 19-EO-HD1: Sand Bags| VALID UNTIL October 2, 2019 - EXPIRED Emergency Order 19-EO-HD2: Sand Scraping| VALID UNTIL October 2, 2019 - EXPIRED Emergency Order 19-EO-HD3: Minor Renourishment | VALID UNTIL October 2, 2019 - EXPIRED Emergency Order 19-EO-HD4: Boat and Debris Removal | VALID UNTIL December 2, 2019 Emergency Order 19-EO-HD5: Returning sand to the beach | VALID UNTIL October 2, 2019 - EXPIRED


Please be advised Federal authorization from the Army Corps of Engineers, ACOE, may be required for the State authorized activities in the above Emergency Orders. You must coordinate with the ACOE to determine if federal authorization is required. Please use the following link to assist you in understanding federal requirements.

Report Erosion & Damage

DHEC encourages residents and officials to report damage to beachfront structures, including seawalls, revetments, walkovers and erosion using DHEC's MyCoast web and mobile application at . This information will assist DHEC in prioritizing post-disaster damage assessment and coordination with coastal counties and municipalities. Property owners should also report damage to structures, including homes, to their local building officials.

Post-Storm Recovery

Permitting priorities for DHEC-OCRM after Hurricane Dorian will focus on repair and maintenance of existing structures impacted by the event. Depending on the severity of damage to our coastal communities, issuance of permits for non-essential alteration to the critical areas may experience process delays. We appreciate your patience during this time. Structures located within the state's critical area jurisdictions that were impacted by Hurricane Dorian may require various authorizations by DHEC-OCRM prior to repair or reconstruction.

Emergency General Permits

Depending on the severity of the damage to coastal structures (e.g. docks, marinas and bulkheads) within the tidelands critical areas, the department may make available emergency general permits post storm. Please continue to monitor this website for any updates.



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