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South Carolina's Coast

The Coast is one of our state's most valuable resources consisting of 187 miles of coastline and 2,876 miles of tidal shoreline and eight coastal counties.

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Advisories: Swimming, Rip Tide/Current, Shellfish, Weather, Fish...

Advisories can provide vital information that is sure to enhance your visit to our Coast. From weather to beach water quality, you'll be informed of conditions upfront as you plan your stay. See the current advisories.


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Water Quality: Swimming Advisories, Runoff, Real-time and Historical Data...

Our coast is all about water quality. From animals to humans, our activities can have a negative impact on them. Maintaining pristine conditions as well as improving vulnerable environments can only benefit all who enjoy our coasts. Learn more about water quality on the coast.

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Weather: Real-time Weather, Storm Information and Activities...

Weather contributes to the quality of your time spent on the coast. Planning around weather patterns as well as knowing how to prepare for adverse conditions is an important element of your coastal experience. See weather and preparedness information.

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Air Quality: Pollen Count Index, Ozone Index, Emissions...

Air is all around us and the quality of the air can affect your planned activities, especially if allergies are an issue or if you have general pulmonary concerns. Learn more about current air quality conditions.

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Fishing/Shellfish: Fish Advisories, Fish Watch, Shellfish Harvesting...

Sport fishing is both a recreational and commercial activity in South Carolina. There are a number of regulatory agencies that are responsible for some aspect of fishing in our coastal waters. A fishing license is required when fishing in public waters. Learn more about fishing and shellfish harvesting.

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Seafood: Advantages of Eating Seafood, Safe Handling of Seafood...

Dining on seafood is a typical outing while visiting our coast. Learn more about the safe handling and benefits of seafood. Learn more about the safe handling and benefits of seafood.


Tidal Creeks: Tidal Creek, SC Estuarine and Coastal Assessment Program...

Tidal creeks are part of an overall transitional zone known as estuaries where fresh surface water bodies mix with ocean salt water. The inflow of both seawater and freshwater provides high levels of nutrients in the water and the sediment making estuaries vitally important to seafood quality and a productive habitat for many wildlife species. Explore information about tidal creeks and estuaries.

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Life on the Coast: Advisories, SC Data, Tide Tables...

Life on the coast involves human, animal, and environmental interaction. All three depend upon the other to ensure a safe and secure life experience on our coast. Learn more about life on the coast.

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Marine Life Health: Dolphins, Mussel Watch, Sentinel Species Research...

Marine life plays a vital role in our coastal ecosystem. Studying the health of marine animals, sustaining their health and enhancing their overall quality yields invaluable benefits for humans and the environment. Learn more about marine life and our coastal environment.


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Litter Prevention: Pet Waste, Garbage, Adopt-a-Beach, Clean Marina...

South Carolina beaches are a beautiful resource and it is important that we work together to keep them clean for all to enjoy. Not only is litter an eyesore, it can become an additional source of pollution as well. Learn more on how you can help keep the beaches clean and safe.

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Beach Preservation: Protection, Erosion and Re-Nourishment...

Sand dunes are a familiar part of the coastal landscape and they serve an invaluable purpose: protection of beachfront property, resources and reducing destructive erosion. Sand dunes are protected by law in South Carolina so it is important to become familiar with the type of outdoor activities you can conduct around them. Learn more about beach preservation.

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Wildlife Conservation: Sea Turtles, Birds, Mammals, Jellyfish...

Many varieties of wildlife inhabit our coast. Learning about their habits and diseases that affect their quality of life is important to understand so we can respect their habitat while interacting with them. Discover more about coastal wildlife conservation.

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Related Resources
  • MyCoast: South Carolina - A portal for DHEC to collect and analyze pictures and data relating to coastal events. Information collected through this site is used to visualize the impact of coastal hazards and to enhance awareness among decision-makers and stakeholders.
  • Coastal County Snapshots - The Coastal County Snapshots tool provides local officials and citizens with a quick look at a county's demographics, infrastructure, and environment within the flood zone.
  • Oceans and Human Health - NOAA's Oceans and Human Health Initiative homepage. Their mission is "To improve the understanding and management of the ocean, coasts and Great Lakes to enhance benefits to human health and reduce public health risks."
  • SC Coastal Information Network - The Network is an ongoing partnership to enhance coordination of the coastal community outreach efforts in South Carolina. The site provides a calendar of outreach events, links to collaborating partners, and links to event publications for further information.
  • One Health Commission (Supported by Iowa State University) - Learn more on the collaborative efforts to improve the health of people, animals and the environment.

  • CORMP - Coastal Ocean Research and Monitoring Program
  • EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
  • FDA - US Food and Drug Administration
  • IOOC - Interagency Ocean Observation Committee
  • IOOS - Integrated Ocean Observation System
  • ISSC - Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference
  • NCCOS - National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science
  • NERRS - National Estuarine Research Reserve
  • NIH - National Institutes of Health
  • NLM - National Library of Medicine
  • NMLC - National Marine Life Center
  • NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • NWS - National Weather Service
  • SC DHEC - South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
  • OCRM-Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management
  • SC DNR - South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
  • SCECAP - South Carolina Estuarine and Coastal Assessment Program
  • SCORE - South Carolina Oyster Restoration and Enhancement
  • TOS - The Oceanography Society
  • USCG - United States Coast Guard
  • USGS - United States Geological Survey
  • SCSGC - South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium

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This coastal page was created in partnership with the Hollings Marine Laboratory and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)



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