Food Safety - Shellfish


  • Shellstock is any fresh, raw, in-shell molluscan shellfish.
  • Molluscan Shellfish means any edible species of fresh or frozen oysters, clams, mussels, or scallops.

General Information

  • Verify with your wholesaler that the original shipper or packer of your shellfish or shellstock is on the Interstate Certified Shellfish Shippers List.
  • Provide a consumer advisory to your patrons about the dangers of consuming raw or undercooked shellfish or shellstock. Emphasize that consumption is especially dangerous for young children, persons with compromised immune systems, and the elderly.
  • Shellstock are not to be commingled with shellstock that have different tags or labels.

Shellstock Original Containers Reg.61-25 Section 3-203.11


  • Shellfish may not be removed from the original container other than for immediate sale or service and except for display or to be packaged into to-go containers.
  • Labeling and records must be maintained and the shellstock must be protected from contamination.


Shellstock Records Reg.61-25 Section 3-203.12


  • The shellstock tag or label must not be removed from the container until the container is empty.
  • The date that the container was emptied must be recorded on the removed tag or label.
  • Shellstock tags or labels from emptied containers must be kept on file for 90 days.


Tags or labels should be maintained in an orderly manner based on the date the container was emptied.


For more information on what is required on harvester and dealer tags, please see Reg.61-25 Sections 3-202.17 & 3-202.18 and Regulation 61- 47.


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