Food Safety - Permit Exemptions

There are a number of different situations and types of facilities that are not required to have a DHEC issued permit and do not have to undergo inspections. Many of these do not require a permit because they do not involve the preparation of Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) food. Clicking any item will take you to its reference in Citation 8-301.12(A) of Regulation 61-25.

Businesses that Only Serve:

  • Popcorn, cotton candy, or candy apples
  • Coffee based beverages served with pasteurized dairy products
  • Beverages and beverages prepared upon request from commercially pre-packaged powdered mix, prepared without a blender, and served in a disposable cup
  • Nachos with cheese product
  • Commercially dehydrated pre-packaged pork skins
  • Pre-formed or prepared pretzels
  • Commercially pre-packaged, pre-cut frozen fries
  • Boiled peanuts or boiled/grilled corn
  • Shaved ice products with or without pasteurized milk
  • Commercially pre-packaged food sold from a vending machine or convenience store

Motels & Hotels:

  • Serve only non-TCS breakfast food
  • Serve only commercially prepackaged food

Cooking Schools or Classes:

  • Registered students take an active role in preparing the food and are the exclusive consumers of the prepared food

Residential Kitchens:

  • Prepare only non-TCS food such as cakes, breads, cookies, and candy for direct sale to consumers and also comply with Home Based Food Production SC

Charitable Organizations that only serve:

  • Food to members and invited guests
  • Food to the public on premises 12 times a year or less
  • Non-TCS baked goods (cakes, breads, cookies)

Soup Kitchens or Food Banks:

  • Food must be free and for people in need of assistance

Bed & Breakfasts:

  • That have less than 11 rental rooms

Boarding Houses, Hunt Lodges, and Outdoor-Adventure Tours:

  • Provide room and board and restrict food service to only residents or participants

Personal Chefs:

  • Prepare and serve food at a private residence to the owner, occupants, and guests


Food Safety