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Public Health Updates: General Public Registration

If you are a member of the general public and would like to receive up-to-date communications from DHEC regarding the Ebola virus please send an email to RESIDENT-join@LISTS.CIO.SC.GOV.

By joining our network, you will be notified of all emergent DHEC related public health information concerning this global issue. For more information about the Ebola virus, please visit our webpage at:

About the Health Preparedness Network

Ebola is a highly infectious and deadly virus with a high mortality rate. As of this date, there have been several confirmed cases in the United States, and more than one hundred persons quarantined, subject to daily monitoring following exposure to infected individuals.

To protect the public's health, prevent the potential spread and outbreak of Ebola, and promote early identification of the virus, the Board of Health and Environmental Control (Board) and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) deem it necessary to enhance the ability of DHEC to maintain open and active communications with essential individuals and facilities. To accomplish this, we have issued a Public Health Order to identify and establish a defined network of emergency communications. This Public Health Order is issued pursuant to SC Code Sections 44-1-80 and 44-1-140.

The Order requires health care providers and facilities to comply with the requirements, as specified by the Order.

Email Registration for Official Entities

On or before Friday, October 31, 2014, the following categories of individuals and entities must register with the Health Preparedness Network (HPN). To do so, simply send an email to the address below that applies to you.

The HPN will allow you to receive one-way communications of public health importance from DHEC. This includes, but is not limited to, information, guidance, and instruction regarding the Ebola virus.

Emails registered through HPN will not be published, and will strictly be used for the purposes listed above. In joining this Network, you will not be emailed unless or until information is sent to the entire HPN.


Email to: RESPONDER-join@lists.CIO.SC.GOV

Archive: List Serve Documents

  • Certified Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Licensed ambulance services
  • 911 operators/dispatchers
  • 911 Dispatch Centers
  • Licensed emergency medical responder agencies (non-transporting)
  • Each Fire Department and individual Fire Chiefs

Email to: PROVIDER-join@lists.CIO.SC.GOV

Archive: List Serve Documents

  • Licensed hospitals and institutional general infirmaries
  • Licensed facilities that treat individuals for psychoactive substance abuse or dependence 
  • Licensed intermediate care facilities for persons with intellectual disability
  • Licensed nursing homes
  • Licensed home health agencies
  • Licensed hospice services and facilities 
  • Licensed community residential care facilities 
  • Licensed ambulatory surgical facilities 
  • Licensed renal dialysis facilities
  • Licensed residential treatment facilities for children and adolescents
  • Licensed in-home care provider agencies
  • Licensed chiropractors
  • Licensed medical providers, including physicians, medical examiners, osteopaths, physician assistants, and respiratory care practitioners
  • All primary care physician offices, including but not limited to free clinics, FQHCs, Rural Health Clinics, pediatrician offices, internal medicine, general practitioners, and urgent care facilities
  • Licensed nurses, including RNs, LPNs, advanced practice nurses (CRNAs, APRNs) 
  • Licensed pharmacists
  • Licensed pharmacies and pharmacy-located clinics
  • Licensed social workers
  • Licensed veterinarians 
  • Certified athletic trainers
  • Registered and permitted infectious waste transporters
  • Licensed long-term health care administrators
  • Laboratories, including but not limited to independent and those located within health care facilities

Email to: DECEASED-join@lists.CIO.SC.GOV

Archive: List Serve Documents

  • All persons performing embalming, cremation and funeral services, including but not limited to cemeterians, funeralists, and morticians
  • Coroners and deputy coroners

Email to: SCHOOL-join@lists.CIO.SC.GOV

Archive: List Serve Documents

  • Private institutions of higher learning
  • Private school principals, headmasters, or other persons who operate private, independent, or parochial schools, and school nurses at each of these facilities

Questions? Please email DHEC at

Health Care Facilities: SMARTT Registration Also Required

In addition to email registration, on or before Friday, October 31, 2014, the following facilities must also register with the State Medical Asset Resource Tracking Tool (SMARTT). This tool will allow DHEC to request and receive information related to Ebola preparedness.

Use the following links to access the SMARTT registration form applicable to your facility. If your facility is already registered with SMARTT, please update your information as needed.

Questions? Please email DHEC at

*Violation of a Public Health Order issued pursuant to SC Code Section 44-1-140 may result in a civil penalty in accordance with SC Code Section 44-1-150.

Learn more about the Ebola virus.


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