The Department licenses midwives in accordance with Regulation 61-24, Standards for Licensing Midwives. Individuals must pass both the North American Registry of Midwives national written examination and an oral examination administered by the Department. License renewal is every two years with continuing education required.

Apprentice licenses are issued to students sponsored by a South Carolina licensed midwife, certified nurse midwife, or physician.

Licensed midwives provide collaborative prenatal care, primary assistance in the birth process, initial care of the newborn, postpartum care of the mother, and follow-up on both. Deliveries are generally conducted in the home, but may be conducted in a hospital or birthing center. Should there be deviations from a normal, low-risk pregnancy or delivery, the licensed midwife consults a qualified physician and makes an appropriate referral. The Licensed Midwife is trained and equipped to carry out life-saving measures.

For information regarding applications, regulations, or other facts regarding the Licensed Midwifery Program in South Carolina, call (803) 545-4370 .


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