Tuberculosis Partnerships

South Carolina American Lung Association

South Carolina Tuberculosis Association

National Tuberculosis Controllers Association

National Society of TB Clinicians

Southeastern National Tuberculosis Center

The Division of Tuberculosis Control and the DHEC regional health offices work closely with all public, private and voluntary health and human services providers to establish and sustain effective treatment, prevention, and control programs appropriate to their needs and requirements. Included in these partnerships are:

  • Schools of medicine
  • College and university health services
  • Schools
  • Private physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies
  • Residential care facilities
  • VA facilities
  • Local county jails, detention centers and homeless shelters
  • U.S. Military facilities
  • Others

Additionally, the American Lung Association of the Southeast supports tuberculosis control efforts in South Carolina by:

  • Providing funding to county health departments for patient incentives and enablers
  • Monetarily supporting two professional TB educational courses annually (free to all S.C. public and private providers),
  • Providing patient and lay literature free of charge, and · funding other TB related projects.


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