WIC-Approved Baby Formulas

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Using your eWIC card, you can purchase the following Gerber Good Start® formulas:

  • Gerber Good Start® GentlePro
  • Gerber Good Start® Soy
  • Gerber Good Start® Soothe
  • Gerber Good Start Gentle

The South Carolina WIC Program is a supplemental nutrition program. It does not provide all of the formula an infant or child may need each month. Our program has a contract with Nestlé to provide infant formulas (Good Start Gentle Pro, Good Start Soy and Good Start Soothe Pro).

For infants who require a "special" medical formula, documentation is required. Your health care provider must fill out the WIC Medical Documentation Form for Formula (pdf).

Download the complete list of South Carolina WIC Approved Formulas (pdf).


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