Bureau of Certification Reporting Requirements & Time Frames


Nursing Home Regulatory Requirements

CMS' State Operations Manual (SOM) Appendix PP, including nursing home guidance on Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation, can be accessed here.

Reporting Timeframe

2 HR

Abuse of any kind is to be reported within 2 hours by the facility as well as serious injury (which could fall under neglect or injury of unknown origin).*

“If the events that cause the suspicion—(A) result in serious bodily injury, the individual shall report the suspicion immediately, but not later than 2 hours after forming the suspicion;” SSA Section 1150B

24 HR

“24 hours- if the alleged violation does not involve abuse and does not result in serious bodily injury.” SOM Appendix PP

"If the events that cause the suspicion - B) do not result in serious bodily injury, the individual shall report the suspicion not later than 24 hours after forming the suspicion." SSA Section 1150B


All facility allegations are to be investigated and reported to Certification within 5 working days of the initial 2hr or 24hr report to Certification.

The Initial 2/24- Hour Reporting can be called in or faxed to our office. Please check the appropriate box on the form to indicate the type of report you are submitting (i.e. 2-hour or 24-hour) See contact numbers below for report submission.

If the 2-hour or 24-hour report was phoned in, please note he date and time that is was phoned in and to whom on the Five Day Follow-up Report.

Contact info for DHEC's Bureau of Certification:

During business hours: 803-545-4205

After hours voice mail: 803-545-4300 or 803-545-4281

Fax: 803-545-4292

ATTENTION: Providers are reminded that there are separate reporting requirements for both Licensing and Certification. For additional state reporting requirements for South Carolina Health Facility Licensing, please click here.

South Carolina Omnibus Adult Protection Act, S.C. Code Section 43-35-5 et seq., prescribes the system of adult protection in South Carolina, clarifies roles and responsibilities of agencies involved in the system, and clarifies reporting procedures for allegations of abuse, neglect, and exploitation

In addition, state regulations (R.61-17) and federal regulations (42 CFR 483.12) indicate to contact your local law enforcement and Ombudsman offices for any questions regarding what and when to report to their agencies.

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