Student Placement Opportunities

Are you looking for a Student Placement Opportunity with DHEC?

Complete the Student Placement Application and our Workforce Development Team will contact you if there are opportunities at the agency based on your interests and qualifications!

Completing and submitting the Student Placement Application acknowledges that your consent for DHEC's Department of Human Resources to review and share your information internally with DHEC staff searching for student placements/interns. 

Need help filling out your application?

  • Explore the SC Careers website to look at key job responsibilities and let that information guide what you ask for in an internship experience. This process will broaden your knowledge regarding what career opportunities are available for you in the future.
  • For further guidance, you may familiarize yourself with the Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals. Familiarity with these Competencies will assist you in framing the skills you have or desire to develop in a verbiage similar to what is considered a universal standard for Public Health Professionals.


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