Medical Entomology Services

DHEC's medical entomologist:

  • Is available to provide expert consultation on arthropods of medical and public health importance to staff and clients, including physicians, veterinarians, nurse practitioners, sanitarians, lab workers, epidemiologists and other health and public health professionals
  • Conducts mosquito surveillance, identification and pooling of all mosquitoes, and coordination of all arbovirus (arthropod-borne virus) surveillance activities
  • Supervises and manages the state las Emerging Diseases Surveillance Program, which includes surveillance for West Nile virus and other vector-borne diseases of public health importance in South Carolina.
  • Is responsible for data analysis of mosquito and bird testing
  • Plays an essential role in integrating human and horse surveillance. All bird, human, horse, and mosquito arbovirus cases are mapped using Geographic Information System (GIS) software so that clusters of the disease can be identified.
  • Participates in special studies or investigations as needed
  • Communicates awareness of arthropod-borne diseases to the public and to health and mosquito control officials by speaking at various professional meetings, universities, and schools about the arbovirus surveillance program and arthropod-borne diseases.

Insect and Arthropod Submission Form (pdf)


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