Opioid Crisis Grant Opportunity


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funded the Public Health Crisis Response /Opioid Crisis Grant Program and Overdose Data-to-Action Grant with the goal to prevent opioid-related misuse, abuse, overdose, and death. These CDC grant programs authorize the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, under CFDA #93.354 and #93.136, to provide funding for, among other efforts, outreach and education services to Faith Based Organizations throughout South Carolina.

Program Manager:
Emma Kennedy
(803) 898-3751

Program Coordinator:
Ian Hamilton
(803) 898-3774

Funding Sources

On August 31, 2018, CDC awarded $155 million to states and four U.S. territories to fight the opioid overdose epidemic. The funding is intended to advance the understanding of the opioid overdose epidemic and scale up prevention and response activities to make an immediate impact and save lives.

Overdose Data to Action is 3-year funding that focuses on the complex and changing nature of the opioid overdose epidemic and highlights the need for an interdisciplinary, comprehensive, and cohesive public health approach. These funds will support states, territories, cities, and counties in obtaining high quality, more comprehensive, and timelier data on overdose morbidity and mortality, and use those data to inform prevention and response efforts.

Request for Grant Applications in 2019

Opioid Crisis Grant and Overdose Data to Action Grant FY 2019-22

Notice of Award:

Opioid Crisis Grant NOA Overdose-to-Action Grant NOA

Grants Awarded:

Hold Out The Lifeline: A Mission to Families NOA





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