X-Ray Facility/Equipment Inspections

Once your facility and equipment are registered with DHEC, an initial inspection will be conducted.

In our inspections, we concentrate on the proper performance of the equipment, quality control procedures, radiation protection, and operator qualifications.

After the initial inspection, we inspect facilities at the following regular intervals.

X-Ray Facility/Equipment Inspection Frequency

  • Chiropractors - Every 3 years
  • Dental - Every 5 years
  • Hospitals - Every 2 years
  • Mammography - Once a year
  • Podiatry - Every 5 years
  • Radiation Therapy - Every 3 years
  • Veterinarians - Every 5 years
  • All Other Medical - Every 3 years
  • Academic - Every 5 years
  • Analytical/Industrial - Every 5 years
  • Prisons - Every 5 years
  • Security - Every 5 years

Inspections Following Violations

In addition to regularly scheduled inspections, we conduct unannounced follow-up inspections as needed in response to violations cited in a previous inspection.

FDA Compliance Inspections

DHEC may also conduct federal compliance inspections for the Food and Drug Administration within 1 year after new equipment is installed, regardless of the inspection schedule listed above.

To Help You Prepare for Inspections

For advice on preparing for inspections, read our Regulatory Guides.


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