Submit Information to BHFL

Submit a Plan of Correction

When a facility or provider receives a citation due to being in noncompliance with the current regulation, facility administrator is required to submit a Plan of Correction (POC). The POC must address the following:

  • The action taken to correct each cited deficiency.
  • The action taken to prevent reoccurrences (actual and similar).
  • The actual or expected completion dates of those actions taken.

The facility administrator should submit the POC online.

File A Complaint

Before filing complaint with the Health Facilities Licensing Bureau, we ask that you carefully read all the information on this page to determine with whom you should file your complaint. Although our Bureau will receive a complaint against any of our licensed health care facilities, if it is not within our purview of authority, we will refer the complaint to another state agency or local authorities as appropriate. As such, we encourage you to file your complaint with the appropriate authority to expedite action regarding your concerns.

Please complete our online complaint form.

Type of Complaint Who to contact
Against a Physician or Doctor’s office Labor Licensing Regulation (LLR)
Apartment Building Consumer Affairs
Retail Food Establishments DHEC Division of Food Safety

Accident-Incident Reporting

All serious accident or incidents (as defined by the appropriate regulation) must submit an initial report to the Bureau of Health Facilities Licensing within 24 hours of occurrence. Once investigated, a full report must be submitted within 5 days. NOTE: Hospitals (HTL) and Renal Dialysis (ERD) facilities only must submit a full report within 10 days of occurrence.

Please complete the online accident incident form.

ATTENTION: There are different reporting requirements for Licensing and Certification. Those above are for Licensing. For additional requirements for Certification, please visit the Bureau of Certification Reporting Requirements & Time Frame page.


Change in Administrator

Any change in administrator must be reported to the Bureau as defined by the appropriate regulation. The change in administrator form is available online.


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