Watershed-Based Plan Development Grants

The Drinking Water State Revolving Fund provides set-aside funds for the development of watershed-based plans (WBPs) to address surface water pollutants impacting source water for drinking water systems. A watershed-based plan can enhance or augment a source water protection (SWP) plan in that it encompasses the entire watershed that impacts the supply source, as well as the delineated source water protection area. Once a watershed-based plan is in place, it becomes the guidance and framework for any water quality improvement activities in that watershed. Having a watershed-based plan in place opens up additional funding opportunities for Section 319 grants to implement nonpoint source-reduction projects identified in the watershed-based plan.


South Carolina public organizations such as state agencies, local governments, public universities, soil and water conservation districts, regional planning commissions, watershed organizations, and nonprofit organizations, are eligible to receive these grants.


Proposals for SWP funding must address and/or protect ambient surface water pollutants that can impact source water for drinking water systems. Target watersheds must be located in South Carolina and contain a public drinking water intake or source water. Such watersheds can be identified by using DHEC's Watershed Atlas. If selected, applicants are expected to develop and submit a nine-element watershed-based plan which must be reviewed and approved by DHEC before project close. Please see the following links for more information about the WBP expectations.


Selected projects will be funded 100% by monies provided to SCDHEC by USEPA’s Drinking Water State Revolving Fund set-aside for Source Water Protection. However, additional consideration will be given to proposals which show supplementary funds leveraged for WBP development.


Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments can contribute climate change adaptation information to watershed planning efforts. Email Jory Fleming, fleminj6@mailbox.sc.edu or a generic organizational contact, cisa@sc.edu.  Your Watershed Manager can also help you learn about, develop, and implement watershed-based plans. For more information about low-interest rate loans, visit the State Revolving Fund website.

To be added to the WBP Distribution List to receive email notification of all RFP release information, application details, and program announcements, please send your email address to Shea McCarthy, mccartsm@dhec.sc.gov.


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