Oil & Natural Gas and Terminal Facility Registration

Oil & Natural Gas Exploration, Drilling and Production

DHEC's Solid Waste Groundwater Section is responsible for implementing the S.C. Oil and Gas Exploration, Drilling, and Production regulation R.121-8. The purpose of the regulation is to:

  • Prevent the waste of oil and gas
  • Protect correlative rights
  • Prevent pollution of the water, air, and land by oil and gas exploration or production activities.

Oil and Natural Gas Laws & Regulations

Terminal Facility Registration

A Terminal Facility can be either a fixed land-based facility, a mobile land-based facility or a vessel that transfers or carries pollutants over waters of the state in the coastal environment.

DHEC's Emergency Response Section is responsible for implementing the S.C. Oil & Gas Act section 48-43-540 which, among other things:

  • Requires Terminal Facilities to get a registration certificate from DHEC to operate
  • Addresses financial responsibility
  • Addresses containment, response and cleanup capability
  • Sets out other conditions that Terminal Facilities must meet.

Prior to certification, Terminal Facilities must:

  • Submit a complete Terminal Facility Registration Certificate - New Application via ePermitting (account required)
  • Pay an application fee of $250
  • Submit copies of the facility SPCC Plan, Facility Response Plan, and/or Operations Manual (if applicable)
  • Pass a site inspection.

Each facility is also subject to annual renewal fees and inspections.

Currently there are more than 20 Terminal Facilities in operation in S.C., including fixed onshore bulk terminals, tug/barge operations, and vac/tanker truck operations.
South Carolina Oil & Gas Act

For more information on the federal SPCC Regulations, contact Dana L. Cook  (803) 896-4117.


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