Hospice Licensing

No person, private or public organization, political subdivision or governmental agency may establish, conduct or maintain a hospice or hospice facility without first obtaining a license from DHEC. Applicants must submit a completed licensure application for a hospice program or hospice facility.

Hospice Program

A hospice program (outpatient) is a centrally administered, interdisciplinary healthcare program, which provides a continuum of medically supervised palliative and supportive care for the terminally ill patient and the family or responsible party, including but not limited to home, outpatient services and Inpatient Services provided directly or through written agreement.

Hospice Facility

A hospice facility (inpatient) is an institution, place, or building in which a licensed hospice provides room, board, and inpatient services 24 hours a day to individuals requiring hospice care pursuant to the orders of a physician. Prior to construction or establishment of a new hospice facility, or increasing the number of beds in an existing facility, a hospice facility must obtain a Certificate of Need from DHEC.

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