Smart Business Recycling Program

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Smart Business Recycling Program

Businesses – large or small – purchase goods and services, use energy and water, and generate and dispose of waste. In fact, more than half of the waste generated in South Carolina comes from businesses.

Operating in an environmentally responsible fashion, businesses can lead by example with everyday practices that help protect and preserve the state’s environment and natural resources.

The Smart Business Recycling Program is a free, confidential initiative designed to:

•    Help South Carolina businesses reduce their environmental impact;
•    Provide technical assistance to businesses to begin or expand green practices such as waste reduction, recycling, buying recycled, energy and water conservation; and
•    Recognize businesses for their recycling and sustainability efforts with an annual awards program.

The program – which was created by the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control’s (DHEC) Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling – offers these services through phone/email consultations, site visits, workshops and other tools. 

How do I join the Smart Business Recycling Program?

Three easy steps: Reduce, Recycle, Report!

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Step one: Reduce

Schedule your FREE and CONFIDENTIAL site visit!
•    Download the Smart Business Recycling Guide here.
•    Analyze your current waste stream through a Waste Audit.
•    Identify waste reduction and recycling opportunities.
•    Purchase recycled - content goods.

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Step two: Recycle

Design your recycling program and acquire equipment.
•    Launch your new program—with support from the Smart Business Team!
•    Educate and promote.
•    Need assistance with instruction? Schedule a training session with us.
•    Recycle the right way -- download the “Office Dirty Dozen" poster.

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Step three: Report

Report your success.
• Track what is recycled in your organization.
• Report your data for the S.C. Solid Waste Management Annual Reports.
• Apply to be a Smart Business Recycling Award Winner and gain statewide recognition for your program and efforts!

Questions? Email or call 1-800-768-7348

Benefits of the Smart Business Recycling Program

Waste reduction and recycling not only conserve natural resources and help protect the environment, but also may benefit your business by:

  • providing cost savings from reduced disposal and material costs;
  • providing potential revenue from the sale of recycled material; and
  • showing leadership and commitment in your community possibly attracting new customers. 

Smart Business Recycling Program in the WasteWise Hall of Fame

WasteWise EPA

WasteWise is one of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) longest running partnership programs helping thousands of businesses, educational institutions, governments and nonprofits better manage their municipal and industrial solid waste – saving money and resources.

All organizations can join WasteWise – which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2019 – as a partner, endorser or both. Partners demonstrate how they reduce waste, practice environmental stewardship and incorporate sustainable materials management in their waste handling practices. Endorsers encourage enrollment into WasteWise as part of a comprehensive approach to promote the environmental and economic benefits of reducing waste. All partners are eligible for national recognition in the EPA’s annual WasteWise awards program. DHEC’s Smart Business Recycling Program joined WasteWise in 2000 as both a partner and endorser and is a member of the WasteWise Hall of Fame.





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