Recycling at Your Business

After your free and confidential site visit and/or waste audit, let us help you design a recycling program that best fits your needs and budget. The following tips can help you get started with a new program or improve an existing recycling or composting program, and find out what materials are recyclable.

Design Your Recycling Program

Find a Recycler

Finding a recycler may be the toughest part of starting or expanding a recycling program, but we can help.

  • If your business already has a a disposal contract, explore if recycling is an option to add-on.
  • Check the Smart Business: Partnerships list to see if your local government is one of our partners and able to help with business recycling.
  • The "S.C. Recycling Markets Directory: Connecting Materials to Markets" is designed to help businesses, local governments and others reduce waste, conserve resources and ultimately provide raw material to manufacturers to make recycled-content products. The directory offers a listing of more than 300 recycling companies, organizations and others that make available a variety of services and markets as well as a robust selection of recyclable commodities. The directory is provided in partnership by DHEC’s Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling and the S.C. Department of Commerce.

Recycle the Right Way

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