Smart Business Partnerships

S.C. Smart Business Recycling Program Partners

The following partnerships with South Carolina local governments represent a spectrum of services from collection to certification. Consider these resources when establishing a waste reduction and recycling program. These partnerships enable business and industry to learn from others as well as receive local guidance and benefits for reducing the amount of material going to the landfill.

Local Government Summary
Anderson County
Businesses can use Anderson County drop-off sites for recycling. Large amounts of recycling can be taken to the sorting facility.
Berkeley County
The county will conduct Business Recycling Assessments upon request. Currently all municipal solid waste in Berkeley County is being diverted to RePower South to be sorted into recycling and solid waste. The Town of Moncks Corner has a contract with Republic Services for roll carts for all of their small businesses. In addition, businesses can use the recycling drop-off sites.
Charleston, City of
The City of Charleston aims to improve the performance of commercial and institutional buildings and their operations through reducing energy consumption, water consumption, and waste. Businesses may use Charleston County's Business Recycling Program
Charleston County
Many businesses are located along existing curbside service routes and can sign up to participate in Charleston County’s Business Recycling Program by contacting Charleston County Environmental Management. Staff can help your business determine the best way to recycle based on your needs through on-site waste assessments, answering questions, making recommendations and providing educational materials. To start recycling at your business, please contact Environmental Management at (843) 720-7111.  Businesses may also contact their MSW waste hauler to inquire if they provide recycling collection.  Additionally, Charleston County's Commercial Food Waste Composting Program gives local businesses the opportunity to reduce their overall disposal costs and impact on the environment by contracting for collection and negotiating fees with partnered haulers to divert this material from the waste stream to Charleston County's Bees Ferry Compost Facility.
Chester County
Small businesses in Chester County can use the recycling drop-off sites.
Clarendon County
In Clarendon County, cardboard trailers are available for businesses or you can put your cardboard in a trailer located near your business.  Additionally, you can use the drop-off sites for other materials.
Columbia, City of
The City of Columbia offers a commercial recycling program for businesses located within the incorporated City limits. The city offers curbside, roll cart service. Businesses can have up to four roll carts and must be on the City’s garbage service. The city collects commingled material only. The City of Columbia also works with Richland County, Lexington County and Keep the Midlands Beautiful to offer the “Midlands Green Business” certification program to any workplace, organization, business, non-profit, office, school or congregation in the city. The City also hosts the Climate Protection Action Campaign (CPAC).
Dorchester County
Dorchester County conducts waste audits and offers suggestions on how to improve recycling at businesses. The county also connects businesses that can use each others, waste or recycled product.
Edgefield , McCormick and Saluda Counties
The Tri-County Solid Waste Authority offers office paper recycling and cardboard recycling with free pickup service. Plastic bottles and aluminum cans can be taken to the drop-off sites.
Georgetown County
Georgetown County offers paper and cardboard recycling for businesses.
Greater Greenville Sanitation Commission
Recycling is provided to all of the customers within the district at no charge. If you are a business outside the district and receive commercial garbage service, it also is free of charge. If you are outside the district and don't receive garbage service, there is a small monthly charge for receiving only recycling collection services. Bins, roll carts or recycling dumpsters are provided depending on whether you are a large or small business.
Greenville, City of
Businesses can use recycling drop-off sites.
Greenville County
Greenville County educates businesses on recycling.
Greenwood County
The county accepts recyclable materials from citizens and businesses within Greenwood County. Businesses also are able to use the drop-off sites.
Hampton County
Hampton County recycles white paper, books, magazines and cardboard from businesses.
Horry County
The Horry County Solid Waste Authority offers office paper, cardboard and commingled recycling for businesses.  In addtion, the county conducts free waste audits.
Laurens County
Laurens County businesses can use the main landfill on 127 By Pass for paper and cardboard recycling.
Lexington County
Lexington County works with Richland County, the City of Columbia and Keep the Midlands Beautiful to offer the “Midlands Green Business” certification program to any workplace, organization, business, non-profit, office, school or congregation in the county. The goal is to encourage businesses to be outstanding stewards of the environment. Businesses are encouraged to conserve natural resources by reducing waste and recycling, saving energy, conserving water and improving air quality.
Lyman, Town of
Businesses in the Town of Lyman can use the recycling drop-off site.
Myrtle Beach, City of
Businesses in the City of Myrtle Beach -- with small amounts of recyclables -- can recycle using the curbside recycling program. If a business has a large amount of material to recycle, they will be referred to the Horry County Solid Waste Authority.
Newberry County
Newberry County businesses can use the recycling drop-off sites.
Richland County
In Richland County, businesses can participate in its curbside recycling program. Richland County also works with the City of Columbia, Lexington County and Keep the Midlands Beautiful to offer the “Midlands Green Business” certification program to any workplace, organization, business, non-profit, office, school or congregation in the county.
Rock Hill, City of
The City of Rock Hill offers corrugated cardboard, paper and commingled recycling services at no charge with the city's garbage service. Corrugated cardboard recycling service also is available for $60 a month for businesses with private garbage collection.
Simpsonville, City of
Simpsonville offers recycling to downtown businesses. Material is collected by a curbside recycling truck. Businesses that participate follow the same procedure as homeowners.
Sumter, City of
The City of Sumter offers free cardboard and office paper recycling to businesses that currently have the refuse service. If a business does not have the refuse service, they can recycle cardboard and office paper for a small fee.
Union County
Union County businesses can use the recycling drop-off sites.
York County
Business and industry in York County can deliver clean recyclables to the York County Separation Center in the City of York, Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. York County Solid Waste Collection & Recycling can assist in identifying markets for large loads of items and link businesses directly to vendors. York County, the City of Rock Hill, Winthrop University, York Technical College and many others partner to host a Green Business Conference each year to address sustainability, waste reduction, recycling, and many other topics to help green your business. More information about this conference is available.


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