Air Quality Permits

September 11 & 13, 2019 - Stakeholder Meeting

Air Program Emissions Fee Stakeholder Meeting - September 11 & 13, 2019

The Bureau of Air Quality (BAQ)  issues permits limiting the amount of regulated  air contaminants emitted at a facility.  The BAQ issues construction permit, operating permits, general permits and registration permits.

Construction Permit

A construction permit is an air permit required for any person who plans to construct, alter, or add to  a source of air pollution, including the installation of any air pollution control device. The construction permit must be issued before any construction-related activities occur at the site. The construction permit allows for construction and start of operation of equipment.

Operating Permit

Once construction has been completed, a facility must request an operating permit to operate. The operating permit contains all of the specific record keeping and reporting requirements, emissions limitations and compliance status, and conditions necessary as mandated in state and federal air pollution control regulations.

General permits

General permits cover a large number of facilities that have similar operations, and limit their air emission below the "major" threshold for the Title V program.

Registration Permits

Registration permits are issued to sources where equipment similarities and simplicity remove the need for in-depth site-specific review. Additionally, these permits contain the same emission limits and monitoring requirements as the construction and operating permit for that source category.


There are several kinds of construction permit exemptions available, source- specific exemptions and emission-level exemptions. No construction permits shall be required for the sources listed in S.C. Regulation 61-62.1, Section II (B)(1)(a) through (c) (pdf) which burn virgin fuel and which were constructed prior to February 11, 1971 and which are not located at a facility that meets the definition of a major source as defined in S.C. Regulation 61-62.70.2(r) (pdf) ; however, modifications at these facilities may trigger the requirement to obtain a construction permit. No construction permits shall be required for the sources listed in S.C. Regulation 61-62.1, Section II (B)(2)(a) through (h) (pdf) , unless otherwise specified by S.C. Regulation 61-62.70 (pdf) or any other State or Federal requirement.

For more information please contact your permit writer or Air's Permitting Division