Be Battery Smart - Be Safe at Home

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All batteries can be hazardous to your home and health if not used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Here are general recommendations to help you use batteries safely.


  • Don’t use batteries that are damaged (e.g., dented, swollen).
  • Do not allow children to install batteries.
  • Install properly to avoid potential overheating.
  • Do not mix different types of batteries (e.g., old batteries with new or rechargeable batteries with non-rechargeable).


  • Maintain awareness of easily forgotten batteries (e.g., remote control devices for electronics or vehicles). Many devices contain lithium batteries the size of a coin, which could pose a hazard if neglected.
  • Don't let children take battery-operated items to bed. Burns and other injuries can occur if the batteries leak or overheat during the night.
  • Stop using a device if a battery shows signs of damage.


  • Store batteries safely: in a cool, dry place out of sight and reach of children.
  • Store batteries away from household chemicals, heat or direct sunlight, medicine, and food.
  • Store batteries away from anything flammable.
  • If you see a swollen battery, immediately put it in a non-flammable material such as sand or kitty litter in a cool, dry place. Do not throw it away. Immediately contact Call2Recycle customer service at 1-877-723-1297 or the manufacturer for instructions, especially if the label says it is lithium or lithium-Ion.
  • Remove and safely store batteries from devices that you won't use for a long time, such as seasonal decorations or old toys.


  • Always use the correct battery, cord, and power adapter.
  • Always plug directly into a wall electrical outlet for charging.
  • Do not continue to charge the battery once it is fully charged.
  • Do not charge a device while sleeping.
  • Do not charge a device under pillows or bedding or on top of beds or sofas.
  • Do not charge near the primary exit of the room.

End-of-life battery management

Recycling is the preferred option for all batteries. Learn more at Be Battery Smart: Recycle Right – and Safely.


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