Substance Use Prevention Resources

Resources by the Division of Injury and Substance Abuse


Substance Use Prevention and Intervention Resources

Where to get Narcan/Naloxone


DHEC Narcan and COPE Coordinator 

General Support

Map of South Carolina by Region - Upstate, Midlands, Lowcountry, Pee Dee

DHEC Outpatient and Inpatient Facility Finder

A map and search bar that can be used to find inpatient and outpatient facilities throughout SC including birthing centers, home health agencies, midwives, and nursing homes.

Tobacco Cessation Support

SC Tobacco Quitline

A Quitline is a tobacco treatment support program that is available through the toll-free number 1-800-QUIT-NOW and through a web-based or text-based enrollment. The Quitline offers personalized quit coaching calls as well as other supportive services through the web, social media, text messaging, and print materials.

Phone: 1-800-784-8669

Tobacco Quitline Number with Palmetto Tree Inside South Carolina

Baby & Me - Tobacco-Free Program

Pregnant tobacco users can get free help quitting and earn free diapers and wipes with help from the DHEC BABY & ME - Tobacco-Free Program™ team. This program is only available in certain counties.

Families, Children and Women Support

Care Line

A designated DHEC hotline that helps connect SC women and their families with important services such as prenatal care, transportation to medical appointments, immunizations, Medicaid, and services for children.

Phone: 1-855-472-3432

Women, infants, and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program

A nutrition program that provides health education, healthy foods, breastfeeding support, and other services free of charge to South Carolina families who qualify. To apply, call the phone number below.

Phone: 1-855-472-3432

WIC Website and Phone Number

Early Childhood Health

A list of useful childhood health resources such as how to prevent injures, choosing a childcare provider and infant sleep safety.

Services for Children with Special Health Care Needs

A list of special healthcare services for children with a chronic illness, disabling condition or developmental delay.

Healthy Pregnancy Info

A list of pregnancy information such as how to prevent birth defects, nurse home visits, and oral health during pregnancy.

Best Chance Network

Best Chance Network provides breast and cervical cancer screening at no cost for South Carolina women who qualify. Covered services include clinical breast examinations, mammograms, pap tests, pelvic examinations, human papillomavirus tests, diagnostic testing, and referrals to treatment.

Child Passenger Safety

The goal of the program is to prevent and reduce injuries, disabilities, and death to children due to motor vehicle crashes by counseling parents and community groups on child passenger safety, providing technical assistance as needed and demonstrating and instructing the proper installation of the various child safety seats.

Newborn Screening

This page lists information regarding what newborn screening is and how newborn screening can be beneficial.

Phone: 803-898-3192

Postpartum Newborn Home Visits

A service for new moms and their babies. DHEC provides newborn home visits to eligible families. Ask your doctor to make a referral or write an order for a visit.

Child and Teen Oral Health

Healthy mouth and teeth are an important part of a child’s overall wellness. Untreated tooth decay in children and teens can cause pain and infections that may lead to problems with eating, speaking, playing, and learning. Learn more on how to take care of your children’s health.

African American boy smiling and brushing his teeth with green toothbrush

Teen Clinics

A family planning program that provides confidential reproductive health care services, counseling, and education to teens by caring professionals. Some services include birth control, emergency contraception, and STI screening.

Health Support

Finding Healthcare in SC

A webpage with links to a variety of healthcare resources such as how to find long term care facilities, and how to get help for people with disabilities.


A webpage with a variety of information on all types of vaccines such as childcare and school vaccine requirements, a HealthMap vaccine finder, and benefits/risks of vaccines.

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 testing provided by DHEC is pain free and free of charge. Results are emailed within 48-72 hours. Find a testing location near you.

COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines are effective at helping protect against severe disease and death including from variants of the virus that cause COVID-19 currently circulating. Learn more about COVID-19 vaccinations and where to get one.

COVID-19 General Info

A list of symptoms and when to seek medical attention.

DHEC Public Health Clinics

A list of public health clinics across all of SC. It includes hours, addresses, phone numbers, and services for each clinic in each county.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

It is important to protect yourself from any and all sexually transmitted disease. This page explains how to protect yourself, what to do if you have an STD and numbers you can contact to get help.