Best Chance Network - Women May Qualify for Free Cancer Screenings

Best Chance Network (BCN)
South Carolina's Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program

Who We Are?

  • Breast and cervical cancer screening at no cost for South Carolina women who qualify.
  • Covered services include but are not limited to —
    • Clinical breast examinations.
    • Mammograms.
    • Pap tests.
    • Pelvic examinations.
    • Human papillomavirus (HPV) tests.
    • Diagnostic testing if results are abnormal.
    • Referrals to treatment

Who May Qualify for Free Cancer Screenings?

  • Women who live in South Carolina
  • 21 to 64-years old (cervical cancer screening)
  • 30 – 64 years old (breast cancer screenings)
    • Women younger than 40 who may have breast or cervical cancer symptoms may be screened if funding available
  • Women with high family risk of breast or cervical cancer may be screened if funding available
  • No health insurance or are underinsured (minimal insurance)
  • Deductibles (out of pocket expenses) of $1,000 or higher
  • Insurance that does not cover diagnostic services
  • Meet income eligibility guidelines (see below)

Best Chance Network (BCN)

Income Eligibility Guidelines for
6/30/20 - 6/29/21

Family Size

Annual Income


$30,150 or less


$40,600 or less


$51,050 or less


$61,500 or less


$71,950 or less


$82,400 or less


$92,850 or less


$103,300 or less

NOTE: For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $10,450 for each additional person.

What Services Does BCN Provide?

  1. Screening services:
    • Office visit
      • Clinical breast exam
      • Pelvic exam
    • Mammogram
    • Pap test / Human papillomavirus (HPV) test
  2. Diagnostic testing for women with abnormal screening results (e.g ultrasound, MRIs)
  3. Follow-up guidance and support services
  4. Community education on breast and cervical cancer

Are you Eligible for BCN Services?

If you or someone you know may qualify for BCN services , please call the Division of Cancer Prevention Hotline (BCN) at 1-800-450-4611.

To become a BCN Provider or to find out about a provider near you call the Division of Cancer Prevention Hotline (BCN) at 1-800-450-4611.

To speak to the program manager or staff about guidelines or issues with the Best Chance Network: Contact the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control Program at 1-800-450-4611.