Sexually Transmitted Diseases

CDC Graphic of the State of STDs in South Carolina

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Protect Yourself Stay Safe 

  • Have sex with only one uninfected partner who has sex only with you. 
  • Use a condom with a water based lubricant during sex. 
  • Talk to your partner about past sex partners and needle drug use. 
  • Look closely at your partner for signs of a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). 
  • Not having sex is the best way to protect yourself from STDs. 

Don't Roll the Dice. Prepare Before You're There!

Graphic showing risks of leaving STDs untreated

Take Action

  • Seek medical care if you have any symptoms of an STD. 
  • Get regular medical checkups to test for STDs. 
  • Get vaccinated for certain types of STDs.

If  You Have an STD

  • Wait to have sex until you finish your treatment. Ask your doctor how long you must wait before you can have sex. 
  • Tell your sex partner(s) about your STD. 
  • Be sure your partner is treated, too

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