Data to Care (DTC) - HIV

For linkage and re-engagement services or for persons living with HIV/AIDS moving out of state, please call the:

STD/HIV Hotline: 1-803-898-9275 or 1-800-322-AIDS (2437)

What is Data to Care?

DTC is a public health strategy that aims to use HIV surveillance data to identify HIV-diagnosed individuals, not in care, link them to care, and support the HIV Care Continuum.

DTC in South Carolina is known as Targeting Re-engagement In Care Efficiently (TRICE).

For various reasons, people living with HIV/AIDS fall out of care. The TRICE Program aims to link and re-engage persons living in South Carolina who are not receiving HIV medical care and treatment back into care. If you or someone you know is HIV positive and has not seen an HIV medical

Data to Care Goals and Objectives


  • Link and/or re-engage people living with HIV to HIV medical services
  • Ensure a seamless and rapid transition to HIV medical services for clients after testing HIV positive
  • Increase viral suppression among HIV-positive persons
  • Decrease HIV transmissions
SC Not in Care by County Map - Jan. 2022
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