Water Regulations & Standards

This is a comprehensive compilation of the Department of Health and Environmental Control’s water regulations. Copies of these regulations are provided by DHEC for the convenience of the public. Every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy and completeness; however, it is not the official text. DHEC reserves the right to withdraw or correct this text if deviations from the official text as published in the South Carolina State Register are found.

Regulation Number Regulation Title
R.19-450 Permits for Construction in Navigable Waters
R.61-9 Water Pollution Control Permits
R.61-43 Standards for the Permitting of Agricultural Animal Facilities
R.61-44 Individual Residential Well & Irrigation Well Permitting
R.61-47  Shellfish
R.61-50 Natural Public Swimming Areas
R.61-51 Public Swimming Pools 
R.61-58 State Primary Drinking Water Regulations 
R.61-67 Standards for Wastewater Facility Construction 
R.61-68 Water Classifications and Standards 
R.61-69 Classified Waters 
R.61-71 Well Standards 
R.61-82 Proper Closeout of Wastewater Treatment Facilities 
R.61-87 Underground Injection Control Regulations 
R.61-101 Water Quality Certification 
R.61-110 Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for Pollutants in Water 
R.61-113 Groundwater Use and Reporting 
R.61-119 Surface Water Withdrawal, Permitting, Use and Reporting 
R.72-1 through 72-9 Dams and Reservoirs Safety Act Regulations 
R.72-101 through 72-108 Erosion and Sediment Reduction and Stormwater Management 

R.72-300 through 72-316
R.72-405 through 72-445

Standards for Stormwater Management and Sediment Reduction