Able Contracting Fire Update 08-31-2019

* Saturday, August 31, 2019  
This page will be updated regularly as information becomes available. 

Latest Update

While EPA continues to work towards extinguishing the fire, over the next few days preparations are also being made to keep the site and site workers safe from the potential effects of Hurricane Dorian.  

DHEC urges citizens to prepare for the storm as well. Earlier today, Governor McMaster declared a State of Emergency ahead of the storm. 

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SC EMD) has a mobile phone app called “SC EMD” that is available in the App Store and on Google Play. The App contains a lot of resources related to storm preparedness as well as real time information regarding evacuations and closings. We encourage you to download it and make use of this tool in your storm preparations.

Able 8-91-2019

EPA’s primary incident objective continues to be extinguishing the fire while minimizing impact to public health.  

Total Trucks through 8/30 745
Total Tons through 8/30 6,806
Trucks as of 3:00 PM 8/31 49
Tons as of 3:00 PM 8/31


*Today's tons per truck is lower due to the fact that some of the material hauled was not wet.

Please note: The number of trucks leaving the site each day varies depending on the weather and firefighting activities. Also, the tons per truck are estimated on days when landfill receipts are not available at the time of this update. 

Extended Smoke Forecast through Tuesday, September 2, 2019:

The fire activity and smoke associated with the Able Contracting facility has declined significantly in recent days, and air quality monitor data in the local area of the fire has shown particulate concentrations in the good range. Minimal smoke has been noted at the facility during the morning hours, and the smoke decreases by the late morning. Since hotspots remain in various areas of the debris piles on the Able Contracting facility, fire activity can flare up at any time and smoke associated with any flare-ups could be transported downwind before dispersing.

Winds generally from the northeast direction will likely persist through Tuesday, September 3. Any smoke that is emitted from the Able Contracting facility will likely move in the southwest direction. Argent Blvd. in the vicinity of the Sun City community could be affected by smoke in this weather pattern if fire flare-ups occur. However, given the latest trends in fire activity, it is unlikely that smoke would be noticeable beyond locations closest to the Able Contracting facility along Schinger Avenue.

The Able Contracting Information Hotline  has been established to provide the daily forecast and allow community members to leave messages if they have additional questions. The Smoke Forecast Hotline phone number is 803-898-4262 or 1-800‐204-1842.  

Please click here for real-time data from the air sensors.

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This page will be updated regularly as information becomes available.


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