American Mortgage Investments - (Misty Meadows)

Project Description

The proposed work involves placing fill material and performing excavation in 8.71 acres of freshwater wetlands and waters of the U.S. for the construction of a residential development and associated infrastructure, utilities, and stormwater management features. The applicant states that the project is designed to minimize impacts to wetlands by focusing development in upland area and limiting the areas of wetland impacts primarily to the previously logged and heavily disturbed wetlands located within the central and western portion of the site. The applicant proposes to mitigate for impacts wetlands and/or waters of the U.S. through a Permittee Responsible Mitigation plan, which includes the preservation of the remaining wetlands onsite and the preservation of wetlands on adjacent and nearby parcels between the development site and the Cooper River. 


The project abuts the south side of O.T. Wallace Boulevard in the Town of Moncks Corner in Berkeley County, South Carolina (Latitude: 33.142558º, Longitude: -80.013478º).

DHEC 401 Water Quality (401) and Coastal Zone Consistency Certification (CZC) Certifications

DHEC administers the Water Quality Certification Program pursuant to Section 401 of the Federal Clean Water Act. Applicants that propose to discharge dredged or fill material into wetlands or waters of the U.S. are required to obtain a Federal Section 404 permit from the Corps. Before the Section 404 permit can be issued, Section 401 of the Act requires the applicant to first obtain a 401 Certification from the DHEC.  DHEC reviews all applications for 401 Certification in accordance with Regulation 61-101, Water Quality Certification (R.61-101). In accordance with R.61-101, DHEC must consider whether there are feasible alternatives to the activity, if the activity is water dependent, and the intended purpose of the activity as well as all potential water quality impacts of the project. 

DHEC is also charged with performing CZC Certification reviews on all Federal and State permits issued in the Coastal Zone of South Carolina. DHEC reviews all applications for CZC Certifications in accordance with the Coastal Tidelands and Wetlands Act, SC § 48-39-10 et seq. and with the South Carolina Coastal Zone Management Program (SCCZMP). Pursuant to the SCCZMP, DHEC reviews all projects in accordance with general guidelines and project specific policies, as well as coastal resource policies (i.e. wetland, archaeological and cultural resources, threatened and endangered species). 

The public notice and additional information relevant to the certification processes are available below: 

Community Engagement

Virtual Public Hearing

On November 10, 2020, at 6:00 PM, DHEC held a virtual public hearing to receive oral comments and supporting information on the application for a 401 Water Quality Certification and Coastal Zone Consistency Certification for the proposed Misty Meadows Subdivision in Moncks Corner, Berkeley County. The public hearing was held via teleconference.

During the public hearing, DHEC provide a brief summary of the proposed action and accepted verbal comments to be considered prior to making a final decision.

Public Comment Period

Written comments will be accepted through close of business (5:00 PM) on November 25, 2020. Comments, along with any other documentation, photos, etc., can be submitted by e-mail at or mailed directly to: 

Logan Ress 
DHEC – Bureau of Water 
2600 Bull Street 
Columbia, SC 29201 
Phone: (803) 898-4333 

All comments received by the end of the notice period will be considered when making a decision to approve, disapprove, or modify the application. This decision will be based upon consideration of applicable regulations, the permit application, comments made at the public hearing and all other written comments received within the required time frame, and any other pertinent information. 

What to Expect After the Public Hearing

DHEC is accepting public comments on the application for a Water Quality Certification and Coastal Zone Consistency Certification (CZC) through November 25, 2020.  Once the public comment period closes, DHEC will review and consider all comments received and determine if the proposed project adequately meets the applicable regulations. DHEC’s final decision will be made available to everyone on DHEC’s mailing list for this proposed permit. A summary response to all comments received will also be provided.

Updates and additional information about the application for the Water Quality Certification and Coastal Zone Consistency Certification (CZC) will be provided on this webpage as it becomes available.