Live Healthy: DHEC’s Health & Environment Blog

Live Healthy: DHEC’s Health & Environment Blog

The Ozone Forecasting Season is Upon Us

March 30, 2018

Spring is here and that means the return of the ozone forecasting season (April 1 through Sept. 30). As we drive in our vehicles, the exhaust contributes to ground-level ozone in our atmosphere. Under certain conditions, ozone levels can be high enough that an Ozone Action Day, or orange day alert, is issued. High levels can adversely impact people who are sensitive to ozone pollution, especially children, the elderly, and those with breathing problems.

You can check the daily ozone forecast during the season in one of two ways:

1) Visit

2) Sign up to receive the ozone forecast at

In the event an Ozone Action Day is issued, there are some things you can do to help curb ozone pollution:

1) If you live close enough, consider walking or biking to work or to run errands.

2) Consider carpooling with people who live in your neighborhood and work close to you. To find a carpool, try

3) If your neighborhood is served by public transportation, take the bus.

4) Telecommute from home or satellite office (if applicable to your work schedule).

If we all do our part to reduce the effects of ozone pollution, we can improve our air quality here in South Carolina!


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