Coastal Zone Consistency - State

Section 48-39-80 of the 1977 Coastal Tidelands and Wetlands Act, in addition to the South Carolina Coastal Zone Management Program (CZMP), states the coastal program (DHEC OCRM) “shall have the authority to review all state and federal permit applications in the coastal zone and to certify that these do not contravene the management plan” as there is a need for the State “to manage the wise conservation and use of these valuable resources of the coastal zone.” This is based on one general policy, that being “to protect the quality of the coastal environment and to promote the economic and social improvement of the coastal zone and of all the people of the State."

Submittal Requirements

As stated above, the coastal zone consistency review is triggered when an applicant submits for one (or multiple) state permits to alter land. For the list of State Permitting Authorities operating in the coastal zone, click here.

Application and Checklists

Individual Coastal Zone Consistency Application Documents

Policy Group Check Lists

The following Policy Checklists were created to assist in identifying coastal management policies that are applicable to proposed projects or activities within the SC Coastal Zone. More than one Policy Checklist may apply. All applicable Policy Checklists must be submitted with the State Coastal Zone Consistency Request Form.

Additional Forms and Information

How a State Coastal Zone Consistency decision is made

As part of these review processes, the proposed project is circulated to the public and a variety of State agencies for comment. When the public review period is completed, the staff will consider all relevant Department Geographic Information data, the enforceable policies and any comments received. The State Consistency determination (memorandum) is then provided to the State Permitting Authority.


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