Project Firstline

Dark to light blue gradient. Female nurse standing to the right holding a stethescope. White words to her left read "Infection Control starts with you." Project Firstline and DHEC logos are above the words.

It’s critical that frontline healthcare workers understand infection control principles and protocols in order to protect themselves, their facility, their family, and their community. CDC’s new infection control training collaborative, Project Firstline, is designed for just that purpose.

The power is in you to stop the spread of infection
TEXT DHECPFL to 888-497-5155
for infection control tidbits and updates

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Prevent the spread of respiratory viruses

YOU: ALL Frontline Healthcare Workers

The Goal

Project Firstline’s goal is to strengthen the safety of patients and healthcare workers at healthcare settings to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. The comprehensive infection control program features new training for staff across all healthcare facilities (hospitals, outpatient clinics, dialysis centers, nursing homes, etc.)

Increasing Capacity

Project Firstline will allow DHEC to get additional infection control capacity across the state’s healthcare facilities. While the existing infection preventionists at DHEC and at our healthcare facilities are dedicated and highly skilled, there is a need for more capacity and expanded training.

Project Firstline’s infection control training is for all frontline staff in South Carolina across all disciplines (nurses, housekeepers, doctors, physical therapists, etc.) and all types of healthcare facilities.

Training on Your Time

Get Training 3 Ways

  1. CALL (888) 497-5155
    or email to schedule in-person training or webinars.
  2. TEXT DHECPFL to (888) 497-5155
    for infection control tidbits and updates.
  3. EARN CEUs
    through online training

Training is Highly Customizable

  • Use trainings as is (10-, 20-, and 60-min. formats)
  • Adapt trainings to supplement your facility’s current education
  • Trainings developed just for your facility

CEUs are Available (CME, CNE, CPE)!


Contact Us

Contact the Project Firstline Team to see how we can help your team or facility:

Visit the CDC’s website for more information on Project Firstline.