ePermitting is a database system with online user access. It is one system that manages permitting and compliance, as well as fees, inspections, and Federal reporting. It allows authorized users to submit applications and other required documentation electronically, from any device, and also provides direct access to records. 

Because the move from DHEC’s previous database is complex, not all programs will move to ePermitting at the same time. As programs move forward with the shift, they will communicate with their users about training, how to access the system, and what they have to look forward to with the new system. Agency staff are currently working to implement the Air Quality and Navigable Waters/Water Quality Certification programs along with environmental complaints into ePermitting. 

Here is a list of some of the system’s core functionalities:

  • Applications – Account registration, online submittal of applications, other service requests
  • Permitting – New permits and permit revisions, specification of permit conditions, reporting schedules, generation of permit documents
  • Compliance Reporting – Online submittal of required or as-needed reports, Discharge Monitoring Reports
  • Evaluations – Records review or Inspections, tablet-based inspection forms (nSPECT),
  • Enforcement – Formal and Informal actions, specification of compliance reporting schedules, penalties/fines

Do I Need to Create an Account?

In order to apply for or manage permits, registrations, or licenses; submit reports, and make payments, you will need to have an account in ePermitting. Users will be able to sign in and see a dashboard at a glance that will highlight what actions are needed, invoices that need to be paid, status of applications etc.

To manage a regulated site, account holders will need to be invited to be an authorized user on that site by the DHEC or another authorized user.

All permit applications for activities within AgricultureAsbestos, Coastal Zone ConsistencyCritical Area PermittingDam Safety, Infectious WasteStormwater, Surface Water Withdrawal, and Wastewater are placed on public notice in ePermitting. Public notice search and the ability to make a comment through the system are available to the public and do not require an account. Public notices for all remaining DHEC Environmental programs can be found here

A search for sewer system overflows is also available in ePermitting without an account.


If you would like to see training or tutorials on how to use ePermitting, please visit our ePermitting Training page.