Electronic Reporting for Water Quality: Compliance Monitoring Data Portal (CMDP)

CMDP is a web application that enables laboratories to electronically report compliance sample results. These sample results can be microbiological, or chemical. Laboratories can use CMDP to report results by entering data within the online form, uploading an XML file generated from CMDP’s Excel templates, or uploading an XML file generated from a LIMS.

Before using CMDP, you must register with SCS Test for a CMDP Pre-Production (test) account. Your SCS Test account credentials will be your login for CMDP Pre-Production. CMDP is available online, and can be tested out via the Shared CROMERR Services (SCS) Test, although registration is required. Should you have issues creating an account with EPA’s SCS, contact SCS help desk at 1-888-890-1995 Option 2.

After successful testing in which accurate compliance monitoring data is confidently reported, Lab and PWS Administrators will be invited to request access to CMDP Production.

  • CMDP is compatible with Firefox or Chrome.  It is also compatible with some versions of Microsoft Edge.
  • If you are unable to login to CMDP due to “Invalid credentials”, your password may need changed. Please go to SCS website and click the “forgot your password” link.
  • There is no way to delete or correct submitted sample results. You must submit the sample results again with a suffix added to the sample ID. Then be sure to notify DHEC so that we can delete the incorrect sample job.
  • You can view the sample results you’ve submitted by using Drinking Water Watch. It will take no more than 75 minutes for recently submitted results to appear.
  • Public water systems may use a copy of a submitted sample result from the Drinking Water Watch as their copies of record.
  • At the point in which you are successfully in Production, you will no longer need to submit paper forms to DHEC. Do not mail, fax, or email them to DHEC.
  • If you do not know the specific method codes your laboratory is certified for, please contact DHEC for a list of your certified methods and analytes.  

CMDP Reporting Options

CMDP offers several options for reporting compliance sample results. Users can use any of the following methods to report data.

  • Offline Excel Templates (Recommended) – Reporters can enter compliance data into Excel worksheets and generate a XML file for upload into CMDP. The latest Excel worksheet templates can be downloaded from CMDP and the CMDP Help Center.
  • Online Data Entry (Recommended) – Reporters can enter compliance data into online forms and submit the data through CMDP. Use of the Online Data Entry forms is documented in the CMDP User Manual in the CMDP Help Center.

The following reporting mechanisms are available for users but require your own IT support:

  • XML File Uploads – XML files can be generated by a reporter and manually uploaded into CMDP. The requirements of the CMDP XML Schema is available in the Sample Data Dictionary in the CMDP Help Center.
  • Web Services – XML files can be generated by a reporter and be automatically uploaded into CMDP using Web Services. Information in regards to the CMDP XML Schema and the use of Web Services is available in the Sample Data Dictionary and the CMDP-LIMS Interface Control Document in the CMDP Help Center.

Sample Results Guidelines 

  • Sample IDs must be unique (i.e. Chemical and microbial Sample IDs must be different)
  • All results must be reported with the appropriate EPA Standard Method used for analysis to verify compliance with EPA analytical requirements.
  • All results must be reporting with an Analysis Start Date and an Analysis End Date to verify compliance with sample holding times.
  • Chlorine residual readings taken with distribution total coliform samples must be reported as a Field Results and Measurements for that sample. 

Required Fields in CMDP

Certain fields are required by DHEC, such as the method code, to be provided with each sample results. These fields are in addition to the information required by CMDP. Review the document below for more information.

SC CMDP Microbial Sample Result Requirements

SCDHEC CMDP Templates with Examples and Notes

Microbial Template Microbial Template with Repeat Samples Microbial Template with Source Repeat Samples Routine WQP Monitoring Routine DBPR Monitoring Template

CMDP State Administrators

Contact the following CMDP State Administrators if you have any questions or need assistance: