Boat Manufacturing

Fiber reinforced plastic boat operations may be eligible for coverage under the General Title V permit if the facility is comprised of the following:

  • Boat manufacturing operations utilizing resin and gel coat operations, carpet installation operations, and contact adhesive operations.
  • Wood furniture manufacturing including the finishing, gluing, cleaning, and washoff operations associated with the production of wood furniture or wood furniture components for installation in boats. 


General Title V Permit

  • Standard Industrial Classification Code is 3732 and the North American Industry Classification System code is 336612.
  • Facility is a major source of hazardous air pollutant (HAP) either in or of itself, or because it is collocated with other sources of HAP, such that all sources combined constitute a major source.
  • The facility shall establish or have previously established a synthetic minor emission limitation of less than 250.0 TPY for volatile organic compounds (VOC) for prevention of significant deterioration (PSD) avoidance.

How Do I Apply for the General Permit?

A detailed listing of the forms that constitute a complete Title V Operating Permit submittal can be found at Title V Operating Permit Overview.

Reporting Tool

Title V Annual Compliance Certification: Required annual certification from Title V permitted facilities to list deviations from the terms or conditions in their Title V permits.