Guidance & Emission Calculators for Air Permits

Guidance Tools

Our emission calculators provide sector industry-specific assistance in calculating emissions estimates from common air pollutants, such as VOC's, PM, PM10.  These calculated emissions help determine what type of air permit is needed. Listed below various industrial category calculators to help determine your emissions. Also provided are compliance assistance tools, such as reporting and recordkeeping tools, to help you to comply with permit requirements.

Industry Specific Assistance


(BAQ does not guarantee the accuracy or appropriateness of this information. Emission factor sources are subject to revision or correction. It is the permittee's responsibility to verify the accuracy of the information. BAQ is not liable for errors or omissions.)

Air Guidance & Permitting Tools


Exemption Tools

Relocation Tools

  • Relocation Guidance (pdf) Guidance Document; Relocation of equipment, control device(s) or entire facilities.

Construction Permit Tools

PSD Construction Permit Tools

Title V Guidance

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