Smart Transportation Ideas Move Us Forward

For most people, driving a car is likely their single most polluting daily activity.

In South Carolina there are approximately 3.2 million registered motor vehicles. In 1965, 11.5 billion miles were traveled on state roads. Since then, the miles traveled on South Carolina's roads have nearly quadrupled to 45.6 billion. As our population continues to grow, so do our challenges to reduce pollution and improve air quality.

Pollution from vehicles, or other mobile sources, is called mobile source pollution. Mobile source pollution includes both on-road (such as cars, trucks, and buses) and off-road sources (such as ships, airplanes, agricultural, and construction equipment). Mobile sources have negative impacts on human health and the environment.

Here are some things you can do to lessen your pollution footprint:

  • Carpooling or Vanpooling - sharing your daily commute with other riders - reduces the number of cars on the road, fuel needs and pollution.
  • Take the Bus or other Mass Transit to reduce traffic, and your own  transportation costs.
  • Park and Ride from the suburbs to the city and lessen stress and costs.
  • Telecommute one or more days a week to help reduce the number of vehicles on the road and can help reduce overhead for your employer.
  • Work an alternative schedule - A flexible work schedule, or flex time, allows you to stagger your work hours to avoid driving in peak rush-hour traffic. This option reduces traffic congestion as well as the amount of time spent idling in heavy traffic, thereby decreasing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.
  • Ride a bike or walk instead of driving whenever possible. It's good or the environment - you're your health!