Cheraw Site: Precautionary Measures for Local Residents

This webpage is no longer maintained. It may be useful as background information or to provide a historical perspective on a topic or project.  

When DHEC investigates areas of historical environmental contamination, we make recommendations to citizens about things that they can do to prevent potential future exposure(s).  As a precautionary measure, if your property backs up to the highlighted area on the map below, DHEC recommends the following:

  • Do not walk in the drainage ditch behind the houses on Pecan Drive and the houses on Robin Hood Drive, or let children or pets play in the drainage ditch.
  • Do not walk in or play in the dirt near the portions ofWilson's Branch and Huckleberry Creek highlighted in green below.
  • Wash your hands before eating or sleeping, or caring for children.
  • Wash your hands after playing or working in the yard.
  • Don't let children eat dirt.
  • Limit the amount of dust entering your home by using a doormat to wipe feet before entering.
  • Avoid mowing the area next to the drainage ditch.

The green area in the map below indicates where PCBs are thought to be present in sediments - from the former Burlington Industrial Fibers (James Plant) to the Pee Dee River where a fish consumption advisory was previously posted by DHEC.



The Town of Cheraw and DHEC closed Huckleberry Park while DHEC's investigation continued. The EPA recently disassembled the playground equipment to further reduce the possibility that children will use the park until it is safe to do so. Residents are urged not to use Huckleberry Park until further notice.



Communities surrounding the former Burlington Industrial Fibers (James Plant) are served by a public water system.  The contamination does not pose a risk to those who drink, prepare food, bathe or irrigate with water supplied by a public water system.

The map below indicates where sediment samples were collected and analyzed for PCBs.




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