Updates - Congaree River

 *June 23, 2022

Landside setup operations have been completed. The Unexploded Ordnance Team from Tetra Tech has completed clearing the Area 1 and Area 2 cofferdam footprint from any Civil War era munitions. Cofferdam construction for Area 1 began on June 20, 2022. Cofferdam construction for Area 1 is expected to take about 5 weeks followed by 4 weeks for the cofferdam to be reinforced and armored.  

Cofferdam A with Bulldozer

cofferdam and dump truck

Cofferdam with Excavator

Congaree - Cofferdam PM

*June 8, 2022

Landside setup operations continue at the site.  Installing fencing around the site, completing the access roads for the Area 1 cofferdam, installing security cameras, and setting up staging areas for cofferdam stone have been top priorities.  

The Unexploded Ordnance Diving Team from Tetra Tech arrived this week and will begin clearing the Area 1 cofferdam footprint from any Civil War era munitions.  If the weather is good, this process should take about two weeks.  Once the cofferdam footprint is cleared, cofferdam construction will begin.  

Area 1 Access Road


Boat setting buoys


Sign with Partially Constructed Fence Behind

*May 26, 2022

On May 16, 2022, the contractor for Dominion Energy (Entact) mobilized off the end of Senate Street to set-up an operations area and begin installing:

  • Onsite routes for truck traffic; 
  • Utility poles for light and video surveillance;
  • Temporary office trailers; and
  • Fencing around the construction area.

Security of the site will be enforced 24 hours per day/7 days a week for the duration of the cleanup.

In early June, the contractor plans to begin stockpiling stone for the coffer dam construction. 

Congaree Sign

Congaree Land Side

Congaree - Sign with Site Behind

Congaree - Site Prep from Bridge