Effingham Pellets, LLC

On December 10, 2020, DHEC received a construction permit application from Effingham Pellets, LLC to construct and operate a wood pellet manufacturing facility capable of processing dried wood shavings into wood pellets with a production capacity of 45,625 oven dried tons per year (ODT/yr).

The proposed project includes the installation of the following:

  • Dry shavings handling and storage;
  • One Dry Hammermill with fabric filter;
  • One PelletBOX (including pellet mill and pellet cooler) with cyclone separator;
  • Pellet handling and truck loading; and
  • One Pellet Storage Silo

The filter and separator are used to capture product and are integral to the process. No additional air pollution control devices will be used.

Air Construction Permit

DHEC’s Bureau of Air Quality (BAQ) has completed a technical review of the application. The technical review includes reviewing emissions calculations, performing a regulatory review, conducting an ambient air quality analysis and verifying that the proposed project can meet all applicable air quality regulations if constructed and operated as requested in the air permit application.

Once the technical review was completed, a draft air permit containing all applicable emission limitations and requirements was placed on public notice. DHEC held a virtual public hearing on June 17, 2021 at 6:30 pm to discuss the draft permit and statement of basis outlining this proposed project and applicable regulations. During the public hearing, DHEC staff provided a technical presentation and accepted oral comments to be considered prior to making a final decision. DHEC staff does not respond to comments or answer questions during a public hearing. The presentation, recording of the hearing, and the official transcript are available below:

DHEC accepted written comments, in addition to those given orally during the hearing, through July 1, 2021. All comments received by the end of the notice period were considered when making a decision to approve the draft permit. This decision was based upon consideration of applicable regulations, the permit application, comments made at the public hearing and all other written comments received within the required time frame, and any other pertinent information. A transcript of the formal hearing was also reviewed before the permit decision was made. 

The Department decision was made on August 13, 2021, to approve the permit with amendments. A copy of the comments received, the Department Decision, the construction permit, statement of basis, response to comments, and other corresponding documents are available below.

The following is a summary of the changes made to the minor source construction permit due to comments received during the comment period:

  • The fugitive dust control condition (C.8) has been updated to reflect that a BMP Plan was submitted by Effingham and reviewed by the Department in advance of issuance of the permit. The permit condition has been modified to require plan reassessment periodically, or any time the Department requests, rather than an initial submission within 120 days of permit issuance.
  • An air dispersion modeling analysis for PM10 and PM2.5 was completed by the Department to evaluate compliance and to address community concerns.

The procedure for appealing a permit decision and receiving a hearing before the Board of Health and Environmental Control is available here


  • To report possible excess emissions or wood debris found on your personal property, contact the DHEC Regional Office in Florence at (843) 661- 4858. DHEC follows up on every complaint by visiting the facility and investigating possible causes for excess emissions.
  • For information about community engagement, contact Monica Taylor at taylormn@dhec.sc.gov or (803) 898-7678.
  • For technical information about the air permit, contact Kristen Tucker at tuckerkd@dhec.sc.gov or (803) 898-0968.
  • To request other documents not included on this webpage, please contact the Freedom of Information Office at foi@dhec.sc.gov or (803) 898-3882.